Mental Fitness

Did you know?

  • Better health is associated with having strong social ties such as having a partner, regular contact with friends and relatives and belonging to community organizations.
  • Men often do not seek out a support network to help them during times of stress and utilize a more autonomous approach.
  • Studies have shown that sharing your progress with others can help motivate you to accomplish goals.
  • Recruiting friends and family provides encouragement and accountability for your healthy eating and active living goals.

Top 8 tips for recruiting a strong line-up of social support

Find exercise buddies and people who will support a healthy lifestyle. This could be family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors.
Go for a hike or book a tee-time with friends.
Dust off those old skates or cleats and join a rec sports team.
Fit in a walk with a buddy before heading to watch the game at the stadium or on a big screen.
Tell family and friends about your healthy living goals and ask them for support.
Switch up your roster to ensure you get the lifestyle outcomes you desire.
Stay active with friends or work mates by taking up physical activity challenges and getting involved in corporate events.
Check out an online community dedicated to men's health such as
Get social

Hat Trick Healthy

HAT TRICK participants will have the opportunity to connect with their favorite hockey team, work together with guys like them, and be introduced to community partners to support their healthy eating and active living goals.

  • Get connected with guys like you
  • Challenge each other to achieve your healthy living goals
  • Keep each other motivated and accountable

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